Source Code from S-C Software

S-C Software Corporation produced and sold a variety of products for the Apple II family of computers, between 1979 and 1988. Most of the products were for programmers, such as the S-C Macro Assembler. The source code for these products is still of interest to a few of us, so I am hoping to eventually post it all on this site in human readable form.

S-C Macro Assembler: source code for version 3.0.

S-C Macro Assembler: version 2.0 manual as one html page.

S-C Macro Assembler: scanned version 2.0 manual, as a PDF file.

S-C DocuMentor: commented 6502 source for Applesoft BASIC.

S-C DisAssembler: intelligent dis-assembler for 6502 and 65C02 programs.

Disk images (which can be read by various Apple II emulators) of both the source code and the runnable programs can be downloaded from various sites, such as: Paul Schlyter's site in Sweden